These everyday items have mind-boggling hidden functions.

These everyday items have mind-boggling hidden functions.

Every day, we utilize a variety of items and get accustomed to the way we assume they should be used. We’ve all been using many of the items on this list poorly or inefficiently without even recognizing it. When used correctly, these common home objects can assist you in resolving a variety of little challenges in your daily life.

Most of these commonplace products have hidden capabilities or supplementary purposes that you may not be aware of. Prepare yourself, because we’re about to reveal everything you didn’t know about daily products you use and see.

To safely remove the lightbulb, place half a potato on it so that the pointed parts of the damaged bulb are fully covered. Then, carefully flip the potato till the bulb emerges.


Make a plate out of a takeout box.


One advantage of ordering takeaway is that you don’t have to turn on the stove to cook. But what if you also wanted to avoid cleaning the dishes?

If your lunch arrives in one of those distinctive folded paper boxes, you may unfold it and use it as dishware. Dinner has never been easier!

Prevent Foil from Rolling Away

Isn’t it annoying when you want to cover your leftovers and the entire roll of foil wrap flies out? The box, it turns out, has a built-in solution for that.

Go to your kitchen, take your foil, and examine the ultimate result. What are those perforated tabs? When you push them in, the roll will fit snugly within the box.

Fill a Bucket with a Dustpan

Count yourself lucky if you’ve never tried to fill a pail with water from a sink without a hose extension. It’s a tremendous annoyance.

But there is a solution, and it is something that everyone already owns. Simply use your favorite dustpan as a spout. Voila! No difficulty, full bucket.

To measure, use plastic cups.

If you’ve ever attended a BBQ or a home party, you’re familiar with these brilliantly colored cups. They’re so well-known that there’s even a song about them! Despite the fact that everyone has used one at some time, many people are unaware that the lines on the cups may be used to measure liquids!

These lines are intended to be used as wine, beer, and liquor measures. That way, you’ll know how much to pour into a cup and won’t over-serve yourself or others.

To prevent a pot from boiling over, use a spoon.

Grandmas and Nanas everywhere will be familiar with this one, but if yours has never told you about it, we’ll let you in on the secret today.

Place a wooden spoon on top of your pot to keep it from boiling over and causing a mess on your cooktop. It keeps the bubbles contained and under control in the pot!

Using a straw, remove the strawberry tops.

Strawberries are a delectable delicacy when they are fresh and ripe. If only they weren’t so difficult to cook. Cutting the green tips off each and every berry is a time-consuming operation!

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution. Simply push a straw through the berry, beginning at the bottom, and the tops will fall right off.

Preventing Peanut Butter Separation

Peanut butter fans understand the anguish of reaching for the jar of delectableness only to discover that the oil has entirely separated!
Allow gravity to do the job for you! It’s simple: keep the jar upside down and you’ll never have to deal with this problem again. The oil will move down to the lid and blend well with the peanut butter, putting a stop to the separation.

A Milk Carton’s Design


This inverted circle might also indicate whether the milk has expired. Milk spoils if it is kept in the refrigerator for an extended period of time. When milk sour, gases build up on the interior of the carton, causing it to expand. The inverted circular shape allows for natural gas expansion without causing your carton to burst inside your refrigerator. It also aids in the expansion of your milk carton if you freeze it. If the circle ever appears in your direction, it is most likely an indicator that your milk has gone sour.