There Is a Hidden Entrance in Queen Elizabeth’s Chamber AND Why is She Furious with Meghan

It’s just how it appears in the movies!

Buckingham Palace is the British royal family’s sprawling ancestral residence. The structure has a total of 775 rooms, which begs the question… What are all of those rooms for? What mysteries are hiding behind those locked doors from the public eye? One of those secrets will be revealed. In the White Drawing Room, there is a concealed door where Queen Liz receives guests, stands for formal portraits with her family, and tapes her annual Christmas message.

When you pull a certain section, the cabinet and the wall give way, revealing a pair of doors. This hidden route is used by Queen Elizabeth on a regular basis since it allows her to travel between rooms swiftly and surreptitiously, and she doesn’t always want to run into someone who wants anything from her. Who knew secret doors existed in the real world and weren’t simply a Hollywood fantasy?

Buckingham Palace isn’t the only royal palace with shady corridors. In 2011, British journalist Fiona Bruce discovered a hatch hidden in one of Windsor Castle’s offices. This one goes back to the Middle Ages, when British troops relied on it to flee if the castle was under attack.

Aside from the secret door itself, we adore the idea of palace housekeepers in the 19th century using stale bread to clean the room’s spectacular chandelier. When it comes to ingenious cleaning tricks, they were obviously ahead of their time!

Buckingham Palace isn’t the only royal house with secret tunnels. In 2011, UK journalist Fiona Bruce discovered a trap door hidden in one of Windsor Castle’s offices. This one, on the other hand, dates back to the Middle Ages, when British troops used the passage to flee whenever the castle was under siege.

Although we don’t suppose Elizabeth uses this passage very often these days, she does spend a lot of time at Windsor Castle. We’d love to see her use it with her grandchildren or great-grandchildren at some time!

‘Here’s why Queen Elizabeth is enraged with Meghan.’

They’ll have to deal with the fallout. Harry and Meghan have been warned…

The Sussexes were deviating from the script, which irritated Queen Elizabeth.
About a year ago, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan chose to leave the royal family and wave farewell to their regal existence. Queen Elizabeth was sympathetic, but she also felt deceived by the Sussexes. Things appeared to be back on track, but the choice to go on Oprah’s chat program sparked a royal blaze. There will be repercussions.

The scheduled tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey was intended to be H&M’s first big interview since arriving to the United States, and everyone was eager to find out what they wanted to talk about. They delved into Meghan’s royal family life, the royal wedding, public pressure, and motherhood. Later, Prince Harry stepped in to discuss the transfer and their future plans.

The royal family is ecstatic by the amount of tea that has been spilled. “What annoys the queen isn’t Meghan’s tendency to grow upset about little concerns.” She sees her participation as a betrayal and will break her prior promise to allow Harry and Meghan to re-enter the royal household.” Oh no…

On top of that, Harry may lose his honorary military titles, and Meghan might lose her role as patroness of the National Theatre. That is significant. These sanctions have not yet been officially imposed, but royal insiders believe they will be shortly. This implies that the Sussexes will lose any residual links to royal institutions. The true ramifications of the interview are yet unknown. One thing is certain: Meghan and Harry were no longer formal working members of the Royal Family prior to the interview.