7 Useful Tips That Every Automobile Owner Should Be Aware Of

Having a car comes with a lot of obligations. You must pay additional taxes in addition to ensuring that your vehicle is roadworthy. Change the oil, check the tyre pressure, and take it to a mechanic on a regular basis. Yes, having a car isn’t always a lot of fun. However, in addition to maintaining what’s beneath the hood of the automobile, you should also clean the inside and outside of your vehicle on a regular basis. That is where we come in! With these seven handy tips, your automobile will shine like it’s never shined before.

Were you previously familiar with these tricks?

Headlights cleaning.

After a period of driving, your headlights may appear dim and filthy. Fortunately, they may be readily cleaned with whitening toothpaste. Simply take a tube and apply it over the headlights, completely coating them in toothpaste. You can accomplish this with just your fingertips. Allow for a 15-minute resting period. Begin by cleaning the headlights with an old toothbrush. You’ll see that the toothpaste becomes dark as a result of the grit on the glass. Wipe away the toothpaste with a moist cloth once you’ve washed every inch of the headlights. You’ll notice that your headlights are brighter than before.

Cleaner (DIY)

We’re going to prepare a DIY cleaner to clean the upholstery in your automobile. Take out a spray bottle and a funnel. Combine 120 mL vinegar, 240 mL club soda, and 60 mL lemon juice in a mixing bowl. Shake the container before spraying the desired surface. It works great on cloth upholstery and will leave your car smelling fantastic. Spray it over the area to be cleaned and scrub it clean with a stiff-bristled brush. After you’ve washed it with the brush, wipe it off with a moist cloth to remove any excess dirt and filth. This approach works well not just on fabric upholstery, but also on matting.

Scratch removal

This procedure only works for minor scratches that are mostly dirt, since larger injuries require the assistance of a specialist. To remove superficial scratches, dab a microfiber cloth with acetone-free nail polish remover and massage the marks away.

Clean up your automobile.

In our automobile, we transport various types of garbage. Jump ropes, an ice scraper, bottles of water, workout shoes, and everything else you can think of. Even if you’re not a natural organizer, attempt to clean it at least once every six months. Get rid of any trash and empty the car of everything you don’t need. We have a terrific method for you to help you get organized. Purchase a hanging shoe organizer (as shown in the photo) and cut the bottom part off. Hang it from the rear seat so that it dangles in your trunk. Use two pieces of string and two hooks. Put everything you need in your car, such as an ice scraper, jump cables, and an additional pair of shoes, in there. This way, it won’t become a jumbled mess when you’re traveling about, and you’ll have more room in your trunk for baggage.


Do you frequently have to drive long distances, which necessitates eating in your car? Fill your cup holders with paper muffin liners. Why? When you set your food, such as a granola bar, in the car, the crumbs fall into the muffin liner, which you can quickly throw away and replace. This means you’ll have to clean less frequently!


Did some of your car’s oil leak onto your driveway or garage floor? Not to worry! Pour a bottle or can of coke over the stain, enough to cover it with liquid. Wait around 15 minutes before scrubbing the oil off the floor with a firm bristles brush. Wipe up the coke and hose off the floor. What makes it so effective? Cocaine includes carbonic acid and other acids that dissolve oil stains on stone or concrete.

Parking assistance

Do you have a small garage and are afraid of driving up against the wall? You may quickly create a low-cost and basic parking assistance! You don’t need any high-tech equipment. Drive your car inside the garage until it is in the proper location. Using a sharp knife, carve a cross shape into a tennis ball. Attach a nut to a rope and insert the nut into the tennis ball. Hang the line from the ceiling so that the tennis ball contacts your windshield when the automobile is correctly parked. When it’s time to stop, the tennis ball will hit your windshield the next time you park your car.